Beverly High Rye

A Refined Experience

Founded by Andrew Borenzweig, an entrepreneur and whiskey enthusiast from Los Angeles, The Beverly offers a refined experience with a meticulous approach to craftsmanship and design inspired by Los Angeles’ ethos of high living.

Andrew partnered with Cedar Ridge Distillery to bring the whiskey to life. Cedar Ridge’s legacy, passion, and commitment to quality are evident in every drop of this authentic whiskey.

The Process

Andrew and Cedar Ridge’s Head Distiller, Murphy Quint, worked closely to design a recipe harnessing the best of both straight rye and straight bourbon, perfecting the balance after years of refinement.

They embraced a rigorous process culminating on an Iowa summer day in Barrel Shed #7 at Cedar Ridge. Through exhaustive tastings, they crafted blend after blend by hand — evaluating each at cask strength, and then at different proofs — before unlocking the ultimate recipe.

Murphy Quint and Andy Borenzweig
Beverly High Rye Whiskey Bottle

Award-Winning Whiskey

The award-winning recipe features a majority of rye, comprised of hand selected straight rye and straight bourbon from Cedar Ridge, complemented by a curated selection of the same from Indiana.

Offering warm baking spices with rich character and a hint of sweetness, The Beverly achieves a complex yet smooth sipping experience to deliver the world’s finest American whiskey.

Trees for the Future

One Tree for Every Bottle

We are committed to a sustainable future. Beverly Spirits is an official partner of Trees for the Future in the fight against climate change, food insecurity and poverty.

The Beverly High Rye is aged in barrels made from American oak, trees that are often between 80 and 100 years old before they are turned into barrels. Using these trees enables us to make whiskey, which is why it is our mission to plant one tree for every bottle that we sell.

Trees are lost at a rate of over 50 soccer fields per minute. With over 250 million trees planted, Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden approach provides a sustainable solution that supports impoverished farmers in Senegal, Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

For every bottle sold, one tree is planted, four lbs. of CO2 are removed, four lbs. of organic produce are created, and sixteen square feet of land are restored through our partnership.