Exceptional Sipping

The Beverly High Rye begins with a melody of bright baking spices on the palate, paired with a rich mouthfeel and a smooth, velvet-blanketed finish full of candied pecans, caramel, and toffee, creating a complex profile with balance and finesse.


750ml / 48% abv / 96 proof

“A Masterful Blend of Straight Whiskeys”

This award-winning American whiskey features a majority-rye grain bill made with straight rye and straight bourbon whiskeys hand selected from Iowa and Indiana. Each batch is artisanally crafted to the specification of a proprietary recipe and bottled at 96 Proof at Cedar Ridge Distillery in Swisher, Iowa.

Pouring Whiskey

Tasting Notes


Deep Copper


Toasted Oak, Rye Bread, Coffee Cake, Hint of Lemon Peel


Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar


Medium-Long; Candied Pecans, Caramel, Toffee

Beverly High Rye Whiskey
San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal
2022 San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal

The Beverly High Rye Wins Gold

Awarded two Gold Medals at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The Beverly High Rye was recognized with a Gold Medal for American Whiskey and another Gold Medal for Design at the world’s largest and most prestigious spirits competition. A Gold Medal is only awarded when the judging panel deems a spirit so exceptional that it sets the standard for its entire category.
San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal
2022 San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal


“These signature cocktails were designed to highlight the versatility of The Beverly High Rye and showcase it in a wide range of drinks that can be replicated not only by professional bartenders, but also the home enthusiast. These drinks were chosen to reflect the care put into the whiskey by those who make it, and to let it shine.”

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Head Judge of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Award-Winning Bartender & Author

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