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Andy Borenzweig

Andrew Borenzweig

Andrew Borenzweig is the Founder & CEO of Beverly Spirits. He is a Los Angeles entrepreneur and whiskey enthusiast with an extensive background in the spirits industry.

Andrew gained industry experience as a member of the original team at a high-profile whiskey venture backed by global icon Drake and Proximo Spirits. His passion is shaped by critical tasting experience, scrutinizing recipes in the development process and a diverse range of whiskeys in blind tastings.

His entrepreneurial spirit and drive to create the ultimate whiskey for the modern luxury lifestyle inspired Beverly Spirits, influenced by an ethos of effortless luxury characteristic of his hometown of Los Angeles. He enjoys introducing The Beverly to fellow enthusiasts, sharing it with friends, pairing it with fine meals, as well as spending time with his rescue dog, Nala.

Cedar Ridge Distillery

Cedar Ridge Distillery is an award-winning, family-owned distillery based in Swisher, Iowa.

Founded by Jeff Quint, the distillery is the first to open in Iowa since Prohibition, preserving a legacy of fine craftsmanship that reflects a Midwestern mindset that puts production first, favoring quality over quantity.

The distillery has garnered a reputation for producing award-winning American whiskeys since its founding in 2005, and is widely recognized for winning the prestigious Distillery of the Year Award from the American Distilling Institute in 2017.