Crafting an Exceptional

Sipping Experience

New York Wine and Spirits Competition Gold Medal
2022 SFWSC Gold Medal
2022 San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal
2022 San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal
Bartenders Spirits Awards Gold Medal
“The most front-facing quality of The Beverly is its lush richness. The bright baking spices and the boldness of the high-rye content are both beautifully tempered by a soft, velvet blanket of rich mouthfeel.”

Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Head Judge of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Award-Winning Bartender and Author

K&L Wine Merchants
Retail Partner
“On the nose, vanilla, burnt sugar, and toasted almond. The palate hits you with a viscous mouthfeel, maltiness, and candied nuts. The finish is rye-heavy with candied ginger and warming spices. It's 96 proof. Full of flavor.”

“On the tongue Beverly High Rye impresses with a satin-like mouthfeel which carries hints of bourbon hallmarks: caramel, toffee and cinnamon. But they're tempered by a savory edge. This is the beauty of the blend and it all goes down entirely easy for a 96-proof spirit."

“This deep copper-hued beauty has all the components of a top-notch, flavorful whiskey. It's a power-packed pour with an oak-meets-white-cake aroma, a fusion of buttery caramel chew candy and baking spices on the palate, followed by a spicy hint of heat on the finish."

American Whiskey Magazine
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An Exceptional Sipping Experience

Founded by Andrew Borenzweig, a Los Angeles native and entrepreneur, Beverly Spirits crafts an exceptional sipping experience with its award-winning American whiskey, The Beverly High Rye. Its ethos is rooted in the effortless luxury that defines the Los Angeles lifestyle. It is quickly becoming favored by world-class bars, restaurants, hotels, and retailers across California and New York.

The Beverly for Beverly Wilshire
The Beverly for Beverly Wilshire

We are proud to craft a limited edition Port Cask Finished American Whiskey exclusively for Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel. Brilliantly finished in Ruby Port casks, a refined nuance of dried cherry, raspberry, and dark chocolate imparts on a balanced base of cinnamon, brown sugar and caramel found in The Beverly High Rye.

A New Style of American Whiskey

Our multi-award winning American whiskeys are renowned for their signature profile harnessing the best qualities of both bourbon and rye, designed by Founder Andrew Borenzweig and Master Blender Murphy Quint to achieve the perfect balance between the bold, spicy flavor of rye and the rich feel of bourbon. Each batch is artisanally crafted in small batches at Cedar Ridge Distillery in Swisher, Iowa, using proprietary recipes comprised of straight rye and straight bourbon whiskeys hand selected from Iowa and Indiana. Our whiskeys have earned widespread acclaim from expert judging panels and world-class bartenders alike.

The Beverly Reserve

Artisanally Crafted

Master Blender Murphy Quint and Founder Andrew Borenzweig refined this majority-rye recipe in a rigorous process over several years, perfecting the balance between the spiciness of the rye and the sweetness of the bourbon. Blended and bottled in collaboration with the family-owned Cedar Ridge Distillery, each batch is artisanally crafted using straight rye and straight bourbon whiskeys hand selected from Iowa and Indiana.

Andy Borenzweig and Murphy Quint
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Trees for the Future

One Tree for Every Bottle

Beverly Spirits is committed to sustainability.
For every bottle sold, we plant one tree through an official partnership with Trees for the Future.

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